Unlocking the Full Potential of ORAL Vaccines

Since its founding in 2004, Vaxart has pursued a vision of advancing vaccines—to deliver them as tablets rather than by injection.

Vaxart’s lead product, currently in the second stage of Phase I clinical trials, is an oral seasonal influenza vaccine. The vaccine is administered using small and convenient tablets. Invariably, the public will prefer a tablet over an injection, and with tablets, the logistics of storing, shipping and administering the vaccine are greatly simplified. When launched, this vaccine could render injectable vaccines obsolete virtually overnight, dramatically expand vaccination rates and transform today’s $3 billion global influenza vaccine market.

The company’s proprietary oral vaccine delivery platform is suitable to deliver any recombinant vaccine, positioning Vaxart to introduce oral versions of multiple blockbuster vaccines in the rapidly growing $25 billion global vaccines market.

Finally, for global health organizations, oral vaccines could be the key to reaching susceptible populations and addressing newly emerging pathogens.