Since our founding in 2004, Vaxart has pursued a vision of developing vaccines that can be administered by tablet rather than by injection.

In the rapidly growing $30 billion global vaccines market, vaccines that are administered by room temperature–stable tablet can be a game changer. They could dramatically increase the effectiveness of large annual vaccination campaigns, such as for seasonal influenza, and offer an optimal approach to respond to newly emerging pathogens in regions with limited infrastructure.

Vaxart tablet vaccines currently in development for seasonal and pandemic influenza, norovirus, and RSV feature:

  • Stable at room temperature for more than a year—greater logistical flexibility and simplified distribution.
  • No needles and limited medical waste
  • Ability to self-administer; limited involvement by healthcare personnel

Vaxart is a clinical-stage public company listed on NASDAQ under the symbol VXRT. We believe that our proprietary oral vaccine delivery platform is suitable to deliver recombinant vaccines, positioning Vaxart to introduce oral versions of certain vaccines.

Our platform technology is intended to allow for rapid development of vaccines in order to address emerging threats or fast-moving outbreaks. Our goal is to develop a vaccine in a matter of weeks and deliver it in a variety of situations, including those with limited infrastructure.